Andrew S. Brem Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

Brem, A.S., Lambert, C., Kitsen, J., Somers, M., and Shemin, D.G. Chronic dialysis and access related morbidities in children. Dialysis and Transplantation 34:278-289, 2005.

Morris, D.J. Souness, G.W., Latif, S.A., Hardy, M.P., and Brem, A.S. Effect of CDCA on 11?ü-HSD in vascular and other tissues. Metabolism 53:811-816, 2004.

Gorman, G., Fivush, B., Frankenfield, D., Warady, B., Watkins, S., Brem, A. Neu. Factors contributing to growth hormone use in short stature pediatric hemodialysis patients. Accepted for publication in Pediatric Nephrology.

Neu, A.M. Bedinger, M., Fivush, B.A., Warady, B.A., Watkins, S.L., Friedman, A.L., Brem, A.S., Goldstein, S.L., and Frankenfield, D.L. Growth in adolescent hemodialysis patients - Longitudinal data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services End-Stage Renal Disease Clinical Performance Measures Project. Accepted for publication in Pediatric Nephrology.

research overview

1. Steroid metabolism and its relation to hypertension
2. The epidemiology of end stage renal failure in children