Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research)


My research investigates eating behaviors that are associated with poor weight-related outcomes, particularly in pediatric populations. One prevalent behavioral phenotype that contributes to excess weight gain in children and adolescents is loss of control eating, defined by a sense that one cannot control what or how much one is eating. Loss of control while eating is strongly associated with obesity and with elevated levels of eating-related and general psychopathology, yet it is poorly understood and difficult to measure because of its complex nature and variability in phenotypic presentation. My work utilizes innovative approaches (e.g., laboratory paradigms, ecological momentary assessment, neuroimaging) to understand the etiology and correlates of loss of control, including its association with negative affect. My overarching career goal is to continue my programmatic line of research using a multi-method approach to understand the onset and maintenance of loss of control eating and obesity in children, with the ultimate goal of informing novel etiological models and neurodevelopmentally tailored interventions. 

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