Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics (Research)


Bahar Bilgen is a chemical and biological engineer, with specific training in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine and expertise in the effects of in vitro physical stimuli on the development of engineered musculoskeletal tissues such as cartilage and meniscus. Other research interests include biomaterials for tissue engineering and preservation of allografts. 

Dr. Bilgen's doctorate studies focused on the effects of the biophysical environment of bioreactors on chondrocyte-seeded tissue engineered cartilage. Her postdoctoral studies in orthopaedics focused on chondrogenesis of synovial derived adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Through successful chondrogenesis of synovial MSC in agarose gels, she demonstrated the bioactivity of TGF-β1 growth factors released by polymer microspheres and designed a novel biaxial mechanical loading device for tissue engineering cartilage biocomposites with improved biochemical and biomechanical properties. Recent work focuses on tissue engineering of meniscus using 3D-printed scaffolds and hydrogels to create a zone-specific construct for the repair and replacement of meniscus.

Dr Bilgen completed her postdoctoral training at the Department of Orthopaedics at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital. Dr. Bilgen studied Chemical Engineering specializing in biochemical engineering at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. She joined Brown after completing her PhD on bioreactors for tissue engineering at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

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