Blake Cady Professor Emeritus of Surgery

Dr. Cady received his undergraduate education at Amherst College and his medical education at Cornell University Medical College. He was trained in surgery at Boston City Hospital and the Memorial Hospital Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in surgical oncology. For 14 years, he was on the surgical staff of the Lahey Clinic Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts, following which he spent 15 years on the academic faculty at Harvard Medical School rising to the rank of Professor of Surgery. He is now emeritus professor. Currently Dr. Cady is Professor of Surgery at Brown University School of Medicine. He was director of the Breast Health Center in the Women' Oncology Program at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, for six years. This multidisciplinary center is considered a model of contemporary coordinated cancer management. He is currently Interim Director at the Comprehensive Breast Program at Rhode Island Hospital.

Dr. Cady's major academic interests have been in the biological behavior of cancer and the coordination of multidisciplinary treatments of cancer in a balanced fashion so that radical treatments are utilized in advanced cancers and simplified treatments in early and low risk cancers.

He has written extensively on cancers of the breast, thyroid, stomach, liver and colon and on lymph node metastases and distant metastatic disease. His bibliography amounts to well over three hundred articles, book chapters, editorials, commentaries and letters.

Dr. Cady has been President of the New England Cancer Society, New England Surgical Society, the Society of Surgical Oncology, the American Association of Endocrine Surgery, the Boston Surgical Society and the Massachusetts Division of the American Cancer Society. He received the annual Distinguished Award of the American Cancer Society and the Lemuel Shattuck Medal of the Massachusetts Public Health Association on two occasions for activities in Tobacco Control.

He has been a longstanding opponent of the tobacco industry and was Chairman of the Massachusetts Coalition for a Healthy Future that promoted and passed referendum Question #1 that developed and funded the Massachusetts Tobacco Coalition Program. That Program became a world recognized, successful coordinated effort to control tobacco consumption.

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scholarly work

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Clinical research emphasizing the biological behavior of various cancers.

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