Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research)


Dr. Blevins joined the Brown faculty in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and the staff at Butler Hospital as a research psychologist in the Behavioral Medicine and Addictions Research Group in 2016 where she continues to pursue her research interests in developing effective, technology-supported brief interventions for addictive behaviors. Her current work is focused on treating substance use disorders through the use of physical activity-supported interventions, medication-assisted therapy, and through targeting underlying motives for substance use. Dr. Blevins recently received a grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism focusing on utilizing technology to promote adherence to medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use (R34 AA026452-01A1). Additionally, Dr. Blevins received a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Science and the Advance-Clinical Translational Research to evaluate an in-the-moment, technology-based intervention for young adults leaving psychiatric care who drink alcohol to cope with their negative affect (U54GM115677).

Dr. Blevins graduated magna cum laude with a BA in psychology and criminology from North Carolina State University in 2010, where she was elected to the university’s honor society. Following her bachelor’s degree, Dr. Blevins completed post-baccalaureate research at Duke University where she studied the impact of drug treatment courts on recidivism. Dr. Blevins received a MS in clinical psychology in 2013 from Virginia Tech where she also stayed on to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  During her time at Virginia Tech, Dr. Blevins research focused on the impact of brief interventions on decreasing substance use in adolescents and adults. Dr. Blevins received a grant from the Virginia Tech’s Graduate Research Development Program to fund her dissertation on a novel, brief personalized feedback coping intervention for alcohol use among college students. She has previously held a research appointment at the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. Dr. Blevins completed her residency in the Brown University Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program under the mentorship of Dr. Ana Abrantes and received her PhD in 2016. 


Research Areas