Assistant Professor of Medical Science, Assistant Professor of Computer Science


My work focuses on artificial intelligence for improving patient safety, individual health and quality of medical care. I lead the Biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory, at Brown’s Center for Biomedical Informatics, where we specialize in mining, representation and retrieval of large-scale natural language resources.

Recent projects carried out in my lab include:

Forecasting Complications in Intensive Care 
The flood of concurrently incoming signals generated in intensive care environments goes well beyond the parallel reasoning capacities of the human brain. In order to ensure high quality of care as well as timely decision support, we develop machine learning techniques to forecast the likelihood of intensive care patients to develop post-surgical complications.
Published in: The Lancet - Respiratory Medicine

Speeding Up Biobanks
Biobanks store considerable volumes of read data, often represented in exact data structures. While storage-efficient, these structures are sub-optimal for retrieval purposes. Instead, we develop probabilistic approximate data structures such as Bloom filters and graph sketches to speed up retrieval up to 100 times.
Published in: Bioinformatics

Automated Patient-centric Literature Retrieval
The volume of annually published scholarly medical articles has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Statistics report a growth of the MEDLINE directory by as many as 1 Million new citations per year. While this considerable amount of scientific research holds a rich and ever increasing well of knowledge, its sheer scale makes it intractable for manual inspection. We devise automatic retrieval techniques that scan the electronic patient record and instantly select those manuscripts from the literature that are most relevant given the patient and clinical situation.
Published in: TREC, CLEF, SIGIR

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