Deborah Elaine Britt Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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scholarly work

Ash, S.C., D.Q. Yang, D.E. Britt. LYRIC/AEG-1 overexpression modulates BCCIP╬▒ protein levels in prostate tumor cells. 2008. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 371(2):333-338

research overview

The overall goal of my research is to advance our understanding of DNA repair, using budding yeast, S. cerevisiae, as a model. We study a protein known as Bcp1 in yeast, or BCCIP in humans. BCCIP acts as a tumor suppressor, promotes cell cycle arrest following DNA damage, and participates in DNA repair. Using molecular and cellular techniques, we intend to define the role of Bcp1 in the DNA damage response and gain insight as to the biological function of this novel and interesting molecule.

funded research


RI-INBRE pilot project award.