David D. Dore Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

I am a pharmacoepidemiologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor Health Services, Policy & Practice. My full-time position is as Vice President, Epidemiology & Principal Epidemiologist at Optum. 

I received a PharmD from the University of Rhode Island, a PhD in epidemiology from Brown Medical School, and I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research at Brown University.

My main research interest is the study of drug effects, with applications to drug safety and comparative effectiveness research. In most of my work, I have used health plan claims data that have been supplemented through data linkages. My methodological expertise covers topics related to studying medical interventions in the setting of non-randomized treatment groups and incomplete data (i.e., claims data).

My clinical areas of interest are diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, aging, and mental health. Recently, I have done a number of studies on the safety of newer antidiabetic medications (incretin-based drugs).

Brown Affiliations