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David R. Mills Assistant Professor of Medicine (Research) [ Inactive ]

Brown Affiliations

research overview

A primary interest of our laboratory is the role of hepatic progenitor cells (oval cells in rodents) in liver carcinogenesis. These progenitor cells are located within the ductules of the hepatic biliary tree and have been implicated in liver repair, regeneration and carcinogenesis. A second area of interest examines cell adhesion molecule interactions with hepatic immune cells in response to liver injury.

funded research

NIH RR-P20 RR17695-01 (COBRE grant), Douglas C. Hixson, PI.
03/06-03/07 Pilot project, D. Mills, PI. Nectin-like 5 (Necl-5) interactions with hepatic natural killer (NK) cells during liver regeneration and carcinogenesis, $43,750.