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Donald E. Pryor Adjunct Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Donald Pryor is a visiting scholar at Brown University’s Center for Environmental Studies. His work focuses on issues related to Narragansett Bay including nutrient pollution, habitat restoration, and climate change. He served as chair of the nutrient and bacteria pollution panel for Governor Carcieri’s Narragansett Bay and Watershed Planning Commission and is now a member of the Science Advisory Committee for the Rhode Island Bays, Rivers, and Watershed Coordination Team.

Don is an MIT graduate with wide experience in the federal government, having served in the Navy, NOAA, and the White House Science Office. His work with the Navy involved development of acoustic and electronic systems for underwater ordnance. This led to development of bathymetric mapping systems for NOAA and leadership of a project to explore the nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone. National policy issues related to that work, in turn, led to the first of two assignments at the White House Science Office.

In the most recent of those tours, from 1996 to 1999, he led a cluster of activities in the office’s environmental division, dealing with issues such as environmental monitoring, biodiversity, invasive species, altered nutrient cycles, and ocean ecosystem science. Subsequently he led an interagency and academic group in developing an integrated assessment and action plan for hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. His current work addresses similar issues in the New England area, particularly in Narragansett Bay.