Lecturer in Gender Studies


I am the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Studies program and the Associate Director of the Pembroke Center. My academic background and areas of interest include feminist and queer theory, political theory, law and politics, and religious studies. The central concern of my teaching and writing is the human condition – both in its limits and in its possibilities for flourishing. 

I grew up – often outdoors – in rural northern Louisiana with interests in literature and philosophy as well as science and math. I earned a BA in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. From there I took off to Kyoto, Japan, where I studied at a Rinzai Zen monastery (Tofukuji). I eventually returned to the US to pursue a Master of Theological Studies degree at Harvard Divinity School, with a focus on world religions and ethics. After HDS, I taught religion and service learning courses in Washington, DC, and then in Baltimore, MD. I returned once again to academia in 2008 and finished my Ph.D. in Political Theory at Johns Hopkins in 2013. These days when I am not teaching, reading and writing, advising, or administrating, I spend my time with my partner and young child.

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