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Edward James Ahearn University Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and French Studies

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scholarly work

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research overview

Professor Ahearn has research interests in many phases of Comparative Literature and 19th and 20th century French literature and poetry, literary theory, and literature and the city. Published February 2010: Urban Confrontations in Literature and Social Science, 1848-2001: European Contexts, American Evolutions (Ashgate Publishing LTD).

research statement

Comparative literature; including 19th century French poetry and novel, but including as well some 25 articles on literature in France, England, America and Germany on literature and the city, ecstatic and visionary writing, literature and philosophy, literary theory, Marx's writings in relation to literature.

Interdisciplinary approaches: history, the arts, psychology, political theory, literature and the social sciences, especially urban studies; literature and the city. The larger role of higher education, including a number of articles, in the MLA annual publication Profession and elsewhere; NEH seminars for high school teachers; local and national university/high school collaborative seminars and programs ("Texts and Teachers"). Most recently completed book: Urban Confrontations in Literature and Social Science, 1848-2001: European Contexts, American Evolutions (Ashgate Publishing LTD, February 2010). Link:

funded research