Erna M. Kojic Associate Professor of Medicine [ Inactive ]

Overview: Dr. Kojic is an associate professor of medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She has subspecialty certification in Infectious Diseases. Her primary interest is in HPV/HIV co-infection in women. Her current area of research focuses on anogenital HPV infections and related diseases of HIV in women.

Dr. Kojic is Director of the Immunology Center and Co-Founder and Director of the HIV Menopause Clinic at The Miriam Hospital. One of Dr. Kojic's specialty areas of interest is in the area of human papilloma virus (HIV).

Dr. Kojic joined the Brown University residency program in 1996 and also served as Chief Resident Physician. She completed Infectious Diseases Fellowship training at Baylor College of Medicine, and received further clinical and reserach training in HIV/AIDS at Brown University under the NIH/NIDA-sponsore T32 fellowship program. In 2004, Dr. Kojic was appointed Assistant Professor of Medicine at Brown and Co-Director of the Miriam Hospital Immunology Center where she was elevated to Director in 2009.

In 2003, Dr. Kojic became co-investigator of the CDC-funded Study to Understand the Natural History of HIV and AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy (SUN). The SUN is now a cohort of 700 HIV-infected men and women. She assumed the role of PI in 2009.

Brown Affiliations

Research Areas

research overview

Dr. Kojic's current research is on HPV/HIV co-infection in women. She is currently studying anogenital HPV infections and related diseases of HIV in women and is protocol chair of the AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) study on the safety of the Quadrivalent HPV vaccine in HIV infected women. This research study seeks to assess the safety and immunogenicity of the HPV vaccine among HIV infected women with different CD4 counts and viral loads.

research statement

Dr. Kojic was awarded NIH/NCI funding as part of the Brown University R25 cancer research training program. The R25 is a transdisciplinary cancer prevention and control training grant at the Department of Behavioral Medicine of Brown University.

Dr. Kojic is principal investigator of the Centers for Disease funded Study to Understand the Natural History of HIV and AIDS (SUN Study). This is an observational research study of the non-infectious consequences of HIV infection including complications of therapy and the development of malignancies. One of the primary endpoints of this research study is to collect data on the incidence of rectal, gynecologic and other cancers including an evaluation of HPV in the genital track and anal canal.

funded research


1. Study to Understand the Natural History of HIV and AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy (SUN)
CDC, 200-2010-37372
PI: Erna Milunka Kojic, M.D.
Co-PI: Charles C.J. Carpenter, M.D.
9/30/10-9/27/12, $3,885,570

2. Ryan White Part C – Outpatient Early Intervention Services with Respect to HIV Disease, DHHS/HRSA, 5H76HA00018
PI: Brian Montague, D.O.
Role: Site Medical Director
5/1/94-12/31/12, $656,075

3. Ryan White Part B – Program to Improve Access to HIV Specialist Medical Care, HRSA/RI Department of Health, 75H00214316
PI: Erna Milunka Kojic, M.D.
4/1/07 – 12/31/12, $93,000

4. Adult Therapeutic Clinical Trials Program for HIV/AIDS
NIH/NIAID, 1U10AI069472
PI: Karen T. Tashima, M.D.
Role: Protocol Chair
12/1/06-11/30/13, $435,000

5. Efficacy of CBT for Adherence and Depression in HIV Care Settings, NIMH, RO1MH084757
PI: Steven Safren, M.D.
Role: Local PI
9/30/08-8/31/13, $152,248

6. Linking Biophysical Functions of Microbicides to User Perception & Accountability, NIH R33MH080591
PI: Kathleen Morrow, Ph.D.
Role: Study Clinician
9/28/06-8/31/12, $297,472

7. Preclinical User Acceptability Studies Long Acting Vaginal Gels, Intravaginal Ring, NIH U19AI077289
PI: Kathleen Morrow, Ph.D.
Role: Study Clinician
6/1/10-5/31/12, $168,477

8. AIDS Malignancy Clinical Trials Consortium,The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles Campus, NCI 2U01CA121947-04
PI: Jorge Castillo, M.D.
Role: Co-Investigator
9/1/10-7/31/15, $7,500 per patient


1. R25 Trial Training Grant Brown University Cancer Research Training
National Institute of Health
PI: William Rakowski
Role: Physician Trainee
2/15/07–6/30/09, $473,106

2. Special Projects of National Significance
HRSA, 1H97HA03801
PI: Timothy P. Flanigan, M.D.
Role: Physician Trainee
9/1/04-8/31/09, $300,000

3. Prevalence of Anogenital HPV and HPV-related Disease in HIV-infected Women, NIH/NIAID Center for AIDS Research (Administrative Supplement), P30 AI42853-09
PI: Charles C.J. Carpenter, M.D.
Role: Principal Researcher
9/1/06-8/31/07, $97,631

4. A Multilevel HIV-Prevention Strategy for High-Risk Youth,
NIMH, 5UO1MH066785
PI: Lawrence Brown, M.D.
Role: Co-Investigator
7/1/09-1/31/11, $8,181

5. Influenza Viral Shedding Among HIV-infected Persons,
CDC, 9/7/10-9/6/11
PI: Erna Milunka Kojic, M.D.
9/7/10-9/6/11, $88,063