Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Clinician Educator


Dr. Gita Pensa is an Associate Professor, Clinician Educator, with the Brown University Emergency Medicine Residency. She joined Brown's academic faculty in 2014, after thirteen years in community emergency medicine practice. In 2015 she launched Brown EM's educational blog, which now garners over 10,000 visits each month, as well as the Brown EM podcast series. She created and serves as host/editor of AEM Early Access, a collaborative podcasting project from the Academic Emergency Medicine journal and the Brown EM residency. She is active on Twitter (@GitaPensaMD), and speaks nationally on digital education innovation.

At the local level, she teaches about podcasting and educational technology, and serves as a longitudinal mentor to over forty Brown medical students. She also is a regular EM:RAP contributor and faculty for its board review course, 'Crunch Time.'

Dr. Pensa is the creator of the open access podcast series "Doctors and Litigation: The L Word", a novel narrative-style podcast curriculum on the psychological and practical preparation required for malpractice litigation. She speaks nationally on the topic of malpractice litigation as well. She was named the 2018 EMRA National Mentor of the Year, and won the RI ACEP 2019 Special Service Recognition award for "Courageous Public Advocacy of RI Emergency Medicine Colleagues."