Han-Kyu Lee Assistant Professor of Neurology (Research)

Dr Lee received his B.S. (Physics) at Kangwon National University and M.S. (Biochemistry, HIV-TAT), Ph.D.(Neuroscience, Excitotoxicity in the brain)at Hallym University, Korea. Thereafter moved to Boston as a postdoctoral fellow at Dr Querfurth's lab in Caritas Saint Elizabeth Medical Center (Tufts U.) in which promoted to a instructor. Then Dr lee moved to Rhode Island Hospital (Brown U. Warren Alpert Medical School) together with Dr. Querfurth. Dr Lee has continued research in Alzheimer's disease and a related condition, Inclusion Body Myositis. His research is about PDK/Akt or mTOR signaling in the AD and IBM disease model.

Brown Affiliations

research overview

Alzheimer's Disease is multifactorial and many chemical pathways are deranged. A major challenge is to determine their temporal sequence, relative importance, and which are causative, secondary or self repairing. The end result, neuron and synapse loss and accumulation of damaged proteins (amyloids), will require concurrent therapies to reverse. We explore various targets of amyloid damage, e.g. energy production, protein clearance mechanisms, calcium regulation and the replication machinery.