Hilda Llorens Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies

Hilda Lloréns is a cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on the Caribbean and on U.S. Latinas/os. She has conducted ethnographic research and published articles about race and blackness in Puerto Rican visual and cultural production. Her book, Imaging The Great Puerto Rican Family: Framing Nation, Race and Gender during the American Century (October 2014) synthesizes over a decade of research on this topic. Her work about race, racism, and blackness extends to the realms of education and social justice. Dr. Llorens is co-author of Arrancando Mitos de Raíz, a book that aims to combat racism in Puerto Rico's school curriculum (2013). She has carried out fieldwork among Latinas in Los Angeles, Miami, New England, and San Juan about plastic surgery, beauty ideals, and race. More recently, Dr. Llorens has conducted cross-cultural research with Dominican and Puerto Rican girls in New England seeking to understand their cultural models of success and wellbeing, as well as beauty and body ideals. Currently, Professor Lloréns is working a book provisionally titled, Women's Activism NOW: Affirming Blackness, Gender Rights, and Environmental Justice in Puerto Rico.