Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Dr. Michelow's experience and interests span clinical, laboratory-based and translational research topics. He has conducted studies in clinical epidemiology and biomarkers of pneumonia and viral infections in hospitalized neonates and children, innovative diagnostic assays for infants with congenital syphilis, and PK/PD parameters of novel antimicrobials in pre-clinical meningitis models. His research is at the interface between infectious diseases and immunology. He recently developed novel innate immune molecules (recombinant chimeric lectins) for use as immunotherapeutic agents against emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola virus, and described new insights into lectin-dependent enhancement of glycosylated virus infections which may explain the evolutionary selection of mutations in certain innate immune molecules.
Dr. Michelow currently collaborates with Drs. Jonathan Kurtis and Jennifer Friedman in the Center for International Health Research at Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University. His research focuses on early-stage development of falciparum malaria vaccines for pregnant women and their offspring.
Dr. Michelow is supported by the Rhode Island Foundation, Women & Infants Hospital, Lifespan Inc., the Department of Pediatrics at Hasbro Children's Hospital, NIH/NIAID K08 and NIH/NIGMS COBRE grants.

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