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John Michael Silverman Professor Emeritus of Modern Culture and Media

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

"Pasolini and Cultural Production," Walker Art Center, MN, University of Toronto (Pasolini Conference).

"Work, Text, and Post/Structuralist Theory" Literature and Society: Gorki Institute Conference Papers. eds. D. Urnov and D. Smith

"Male Sexuality and its Discontents," (supported by grant from Art Matters).

"Video Across Borders," Paper Tiger TV.

"The Starry Skies: Ross Bleckner's Paintings," University of Massachusetts Art Gallery, Amherst, MA.

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"Space and Articulation in Hitchcock's 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' (1939)," Eclitic Film Conference, Minneapolis.

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"American Narratives: The Work of Mark Rappaport and Karen Arthur." Conference on "New Narrative." Tenerif, Canary Islands (Spain).

"Raymond Chandler and the World We Live In." Catolica (Italy) Film Conference and Festival.

"Recent Anglo-American Film Theory," University of Bologna, Center for Visual Theory and Semiotics.

"Texts of Power," seminar on "The Social Apparatus," University of Urbino (Italy).

Seminar on "The Passions: Renaissance Unreason," University of Urbino (Italy).

"Cinema and the Popular Front in France: The Example of Marcel Carne," Conference on the Resistance and Popular Front, Modena (Italy).

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Year on Film: "The End of Film Studies," Center for Twentieth Century Studies, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

"L'Empire du Sens," (re: Nagisa Oshima) Film Quarterly.

"Noetics of Space, or Film Conquers the World." Depth of Focus.

"Bazin's Noumenal Reading" (response to four papers). Society for Cinema Studies, New York, annual meeting.

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Two lectures: "Film Impressionism" and "The Sliding Signifier: Barthes as Marxist," Modern Language Association.

"Loving the Family to Death: Claude Chabrol," CUNY, Graduate Center.

"American Film and Film History," Intellect.

"Fascism, Decadence, and Female Fantasy: Lillian Cavani's 'The Night Porter'." Wellesley College.

"Frank Capra in the 3Os," American Popular Culture Association (at Hofstra University).

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"The Sorrow and the Pity," (re: Marcel Ophuls) Film Quarterly.

"Two Types of Comedy in All's Well That Ends Well," Shakespeare Quarterly.

"Neutra's Los Angeles Houses" (43 min.) w/J Alexander and David Granbard (Los Angeles Historical Preservation Society).

"Sex Education: Something to Talk About" (28 min.) w/Jesse Alexander (State of California).

"Remedial Reading Instruction" (34 min.) w/June Alexander (State of California Dept. of Education).

"Don't Bank on America" (36 min.) w/Peter Biskind (Dist.: New Line Cinema).

"Santa Barbara Oil Disaster" (23 min.) w/Jesse Alexander. Peter Biskind (60 min.).