Associate Professor of Surgery


Dr. Charpentier is a general surgeon with expertise in surgery of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas. He completed a liver, pancreas and kidney transplant fellowship at the University of Washington in 2003 before joining the faculty at the University of Connecticut where he opened and directed the Pancreas Transplant Program. He went on to obtain additional training in laparoscopic liver surgery before being recruited to Brown University and University Surgical Associates in 2006.

Dr. Charpentier has a busy clinical practice treating patients with surgical problems of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas. His research focuses on improving outcomes for patients with cancer of the liver, pancreas and bile ducts. Currently, his funded research focuses on exploring novel techniques for tumor ablation in the liver and pancreas, as well as, developing novel chemotherapy regimens for patients with pancreas and liver cancer. Dr. Charpentier has several publications and has lectured extensively in his field of interest.

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