Marjorie E. Thompson Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology, Associate Dean of Biological Sciences

[Marjorie Thompson passed away on September 15, 2014.  More Information] for presskit biography.
ScB Biochemistry, Brown 1974
PhD Biology, Brown 1979
MS Accounting, College of Business URI, 1983 (CPA 1983)
Certificate in Scientific Illustration, RISD, 1990

1983-present Associate Dean of Biological Sciences

Creator of Cellular Fun, Biologically correct jewelry
Workshop instructor at Jorma Kaukonen's Furpeace Ranch Guitar Camp
Independent musician and recording artist, Woodstock Records

Dean Thompson received her Sc.B. (Biochemistry, '74) and Ph.D. (Biology, '79) from Brown. As Associate Dean, she directs the Office of Biology Undergraduate Education, which oversees academic advising, programs, resources, and curricular development for all biological sciences programs and students. She also teaches Embryology, Histology and Biological Illustration at Brown. Contact Dean Thompson for consultation and advising about any issue related to the biological sciences at Brown.

Dean Thompson is also a freelance Biological Illustrator, and operates a design business: Cellular Fun, Biological Correct Jewelry A professional musician, she is also songwriter, guitarist and music educator with international recognition.

Research Areas

scholarly work

Published works:

Good  Fast and Cheap, 2010

Nylons and House SLippers (EP), 2012

Right By Me (2007)

Driving Live (2005)

Never Let Me Down (2005)

Add Some More (2003)

"Marjorie Teaches" DVD collection

research overview

Dean Thompson oversees academic advising, programs, resources, and curricular development for undergraduates in all biological sciences programs.

She teaches: Histology in the Medical school; Embryology; Cells-Tissues- Organs and Biological Illlustration

Activities include educational development, original artwork for communicating science, and original music composition for guitar, performance and instruction. Body of publications include 7 CDs (guitar and voice with largely original compositions); and 6 Guitar Instructional  DVDs.