Michelle M. Daniel Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine (Clinical)

Michelle Daniel is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She completed her residency training there in emergency medicine in 2005. She practiced in the community for 3 years before returning full time to academics. Dr. Daniel is currently as Assistant Professor (Clinical) in the Department of Emergency Medicine. At the medical school, she is the Course Leader for year 2 of the Doctoring program. Dr. Daniel's primary academic focus is in undergraduate medical education, specifically curriculum and faculty development in preclinical skills courses. She has been honored with a Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award twice, in 2010 and 2012. She is starting her Masters in Health Professions Education in 2013. Dr. Daniel's other areas of interest include the development of emergency medicine as a specialty in resource poor nations, international disaster medicine, and disaster-ethics. She is the chair of the Disaster Interest Group for the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine and is a disaster scholarly concentration mentor. Dr. Daniel also has a passion for humanities, reflective writing, and is the faculty advisor for the medical school a cappella group.

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scholarly work

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