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Paul A. Pirraglia Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. Pirraglia attended Johns Hopkins University, and graduated with a major in Psychology and a minor in the Writing Seminars. He received his medical degree with Honors in Research from Cornell University Medical College in 1998. He did his residency training in General Internal Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. He then completed a General Medicine fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and received an MPH from Harvard School of Public Health. He joined the faculty of Brown University in 2003. His primary clinical and research site is the Providence VA Medical Center. His research focuses on the interaction of mental health conditions with chronic medical illness.

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

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research overview

Dr. Pirraglia researches the impact of depression and anxiety on chronic medical illness. His current work includes examining antidepressant prescribing using large databases, developing a collaborative care intervention for depression and anxiety in veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and investigating the impact of chronic medical illness on patients with bipolar disorder.

research statement

Dr. Pirraglia researches the impact of depression and anxiety on chronic medical illness. His current work includes developing a collaborative care intervention for depression and anxiety in veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, examining the impact of depressive symptoms on chronic medical disease management programs, and investigating the impact of chronic medical illness on patients with bipolar disorder.
For his VA Research Career Development Award, he is starting with doing a qualitative study of veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to explore the experiences, perceptions, needs, and preferences of veterans with COPD patients regarding depression and anxiety, to better understand the interaction of depression and anxiety with COPD, and to refine conceptual models describing the interaction of depression and anxiety with COPD. This work will help determine which interventions for depression and/or anxiety in veterans with COPD are most likely to be accepted by these patients. The second phase of this program is to use the results of the qualitative study to direct the construction of a collaborative care intervention for depression/anxiety in veterans with COPD. Much of this effort will be towards focusing previously effective techniques on this population. Ultimately, three stages of deployment will carry this work forward: Stage I) pilot testing in an open trial for feasibility and to refine the intervention, Stage II) local randomized trial of efficacy, and Stage III) the investigation of transportability and generalizability in a multi-site VA Cooperative Study. The primary product of this program will be the treatment manual for Stage I wherein the components of the intervention are developed and a collaborative care model structure that can be applied to a local open trial are established.

funded research

Veteran's Affairs Health Services Research & Development Research Career Development Award, Depression and Anxiety in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, $462,206, 10/16/2005 – 10/15/2008
RI Foundation Grant, Experiences, Perceptions, Needs, and Preferences of COPD Patients Regarding Depression and Anxiety, $5,110, 1/26/2006 – 1/25/2007