Rachel Altura Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics

I received a B.A. in Biology and Biochemistry at Brandeis University. I received my medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine. I completed Pediatric Residency at Washington University, St. Louis Children's Hospital, followed by a fellowship in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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Research Areas

scholarly work

Nguyen KT, Holloway MP, and Altura RA. The CRM1 nuclear export protein in normal development and disease. Int J Biochem Mol Biol. 2012;3(2):137-51. PMID:22773955

Miranda CJ, Braun L, Jiang Y, Hester MH, Zhang L, Riolo M, Wang H, Rao M, Altura RA, and Kaspar BK. Aging Brain Microenvironment Decreases Hippocampal Neurogenesis Through Wnt-Mediated Survivin Signaling. Aging Cell, 2012 Jun;11(3):542-52. PMID: 22404871.

Riolo MT, Cooper ZA, Holloway MP, Cheng Y, Bianchi C, Yakirevich E, Ma L, Chin YE, and Altura RA. HDAC6 Deacetylates Survivin for its Nuclear Export in Breast Cancer. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012 Mar 30;287(14):10885-93. PMID: 22334690.

Samkari A, Cooper ZA, Holloway MP, Liu J and Altura RA. Rapamycin induces the anti-apoptotic protein survivin in neuroblastoma. Int J Biochem Mol Biol. 2012;3(1):28-35.

Yakirevich E ; Samkari A; Holloway MP; Lu S; Singh K; Yu J; Fenton MA; Altura RA. Total Survivin and acetylated Survivin correlate with distinct molecular subtypes of breast cancer. Human Pathology, 2012 Jun;43(6):865-73.

Holloway MP and Altura RA. Targeting survivin's co-conspirators: do alternative methods of trapping survivin in the nucleus have potential in triple-negative breast cancer therapy?Future Oncology. 2012 Aug;8(8):907-9. PMID: 22894664

Invited Review special issue: Current Pediatric Reviews: Apoptosis in Pediatric Disorders. Ayman Samkari and Rachel A. Altura. Inhibition of Apoptosis in Pediatric Cancer by Survivin, 7 (4):277-284, 2011.

Wang H, Holloway MP, Ma L, Cooper ZA, Riolo M, Samkari A, Elenitoba-Johnson K, Chin YE, and Altura RA. Acetylation directs Survivin nuclear localization to repress STAT3 oncogenic activity. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285(46):36129-37. 2010 PMID: 20826784.

Samkari A, Borzutky A, Treaba D, Dedeoglu F, and Altura RA. Novel Mutation in MVK Associated with MK Deficiency and Dyserythropoeitic Anemia. Pediatrics 125(4):e964-8. Apr 2010.

research overview

Our laboratory is exploring novel anti-cancer treatments for pediatric and adult malignancies. We are also interested in the toxicities of chemotherapy and on whether mutations in specific genes make children more prone to develop toxicity after chemotherapy treatment.

funded research

COBRE Center for Cancer Research Development
Project Principal Investigagtor: Altura
Title: Post-translational modification of survivin: a novel therapeutic approach for cancer

Karyopharm Therapeutics
Principal Investigator: Altura
Title: Role for CRM1 inhibitors in blocking survivin and STAT3 pathways

Hyundai Hope on Wheels
Principal Investigator: Altura
Title: Identifying the phosphoproteome in high- and low-risk neuroblastoma tumors.