Robert P. Emlen Senior Lecturer in American Studies

Robert P. Emlen is Senior Lecturer in the Department of American Studies. His courses in material culture studies include "Houses and their Furnishings in Early America," "Gravestones and Burying Grounds," "American Folk Art," "The Neoclassical Ideal in America," and "The Arts and Crafts Movement in America." He also teaches courses each year in the cultural history of the decorative arts in the Department of the History of Art & Visual Culture at the Rhode Island School of Design.

His research has been published in leading journals of American material culture and art, including American Furniture, The American Art Journal, Connaissance des Arts, Folk Art, Imprint: Journal of the American Historical Print Collectors Society, Old-Time New England, Rhode Island History, and Winterthur Portfolio.

Mr. Emlen also holds an appointment as Brown's University Curator, with curatorial responsibility for the art collections and historic properties furnishing the Brown campus.

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scholarly work

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research overview

Robert P. Emlen studies issues of historical representations of place. He has published his research on the material life of 18th and 19th century America in the leading journals of American material culture. He is presently working on a companion book to his Shaker Village Views: Illustrated Maps and Landscape Drawings by Shaker Artists of the Nineteenth Century (University Press of NE, 1987.) The current project explores how Shaker life was illustrated in the popular press of the 19th century.

research statement

Robert P. Emlen's research interests are issues of historical representations of place. His current study, Picturing the Shakers , a companion book to his Shaker Village Views , explores how Shaker life was depicted in the popular illustrated press of 19th-century America.

Recently-completed research projects include "The Earliest Pictures of Brown," an online essay for Brown University Digital Initiatives, "How the Shakers Came to Be Comfortable with Pictures on Their Walls" in the Shaker Museum Mount Lebanon Journal for Winter, 2012, and Picturing the Shakers in the Era of Manifestations, published by the Couper Press in 2014.

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