Radha Sadacharan Clinical Instructor in Family Medicine

Radha Sadacharan, MD, MPH is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at Brown University and a physician-researcher engaged in clinical work at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections and research at the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights, working to improve the health of justice-involved persons. She is committed to fighting social injustices in the United States through healthcare. Dr. Sadacharan is also a T32 Fellow, with Dr. Tim Flanigan as PI, researching substance use disorders and the health of vulnerable populations - specifically in correctional health. As a public health researcher with a background in Linguistics, her passion for advocacy through excellent communication and connecting stakeholders led Dr.Sadacharan to breastfeeding advocacy in vulnerable populations. This inspiring community health awareness work and research highlighted barriers to accessing adequate medical care, and moved her to pursue a medical degree. Dr. Sadacharan's interests also include OB and trans health.

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