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Staci A. Fischer Associate Professor of Medicine [ Inactive ]

A graduate of LSU Medical School in New Orleans, with residency and fellowship training at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, Dr. Fischer is a national expert on infections complicating solid organ transplantation. She joined the Brown faculty in 2000, and serves as the Director of Transplant Infectious Diseases at Rhode Island Hospital. She became Director of Graduate Medical Education for Lifespan in 2008.

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scholarly work

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research overview

Dr. Fischer's research interests include the investigation and prevention of donor-transmitted infections in transplantation as well as the effects of immunosuppressive therapy on the risk of viral infections including CMV and BK virus. She is actively engaged in research in medical education as well - including studies of the effect of restricted work hours on the quality of resident education and patient safety.

research statement

As the Director of Transplant Infectious Diseases at Rhode Island Hospital, Dr. Fischer is engaged in the direct care of patients before and following solid organ transplantation, in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Collaborative research with transplant surgery and transplant nephrology occurs, in recent years investigating pharmacokinetic drug interactions between immunosuppressive therapies and antiretroviral agents, the effect of new immunosuppressive agents on the risk of post-transplant viral infections, as well as the impact of changes in immunosuppressive therapy on the history of BK virus nephropathy, a major cause of allograft loss in the US. In 2006 she described the first two outbreaks of lymphocytic choriomeningitis infection transmitted by organ transplantation, as well as the treatment of the only known survivor of infection in this setting (NEJM 2006;354:2235). She is active in the American Transplant Socity Infectious Diseases Community of Practice, and is the senior author on national guidelines for testing of donors and recipients prior to transplantation to minimize the risk of donot-transmitted infection.

With her activities in the Graduate Medical Education arena, Dr. Fischer is actively involved in research with residents and fellows to address the changing requirements in residency and fellowship training and the impact of those changes on patient safety, resident quality of life, and the quality of education that residents and fellows receive in postgraduate training. This work has resulted in several high level publications and is helpping to make Brown and Rhode Island Hospital leaders in assessing the way residency training is contiually changing (NEJM 2010;363:e34 and NEJM 2012;366:e35).

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