Scott A. Allen Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

Scott A. Allen, MD
Co-Director, The Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights

Dr. Allen has worked in the correctional field for the past decade, including seven years as a full time physician at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections including three as Medical Program Director (2001-2004). He has spoken and written about a number of correctional health and human rights issues, including hepatitis C in prisons and the obligations of health professionals in protecting the human rights of inmate patients. He has served as a Court appointed expert to the federal courts in prison health cases. He is currently a Medical Advisor at Physicians for Human Rights in Cambridge, MA and an attending medical physician for an inpatient psychiatric ward at Eleanor Slater Hospital in Cranston, RI.

He has also worked extensively with the Cambodian community in the U.S. and in Cambodia since 1980. He is a founding board member of Project AID Khmer (

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