Instructor in Pediatrics (Research)


A focus of Dr. Kalkunte's research in collaboration with Dr. Sharma has been to develop in vitro and animal models for preeclampsia, understand mechanisms for target development, and to screen potential molecules that can prevent the onset of disease. Using patient's serum as a "blueprint", Dr. Kalkunte has established novel in vitro and in vivo models for preeclampsia. Using proteomic approaches to identify causative factors in serum, Dr. Kalkunte's work has contributed to identification of dysregulated transthyretin that suggest that preeclampsia is likely disorder of protein misfolding and amyloidogenic aggregates. In addition, Dr. Kalkunte's work has contributed to the understanding of the role of hCG, Tregs, heme, angiogenesis, and complement factors in preeclampsia. His complementary work on enviormental toxicants in preterm birth and polyhydramnios is well appreciated. Together, his long-term goal is to propel translational therapeutics and diagnostic tools from bench to bedside and pursue developmental origins of chronic disease.

Research Areas