Shreyas D. Mandre Assistant Professor of Engineering

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scholarly work

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research overview

Shreyas Mandre's research interests include:

Fluid structure interaction, interface-driven flows, environmental and ecological fluid mechanics, biomechanics, analytical and numerical solution of partial differential equations, optimization, etc.

research statement

We are a group of theorists interested in understanding problems involving mechanics, with application to a wide array of fields. Our goal is to develop simple but quantitatively accurate descriptions for classical phenomena in idealized problems drawing inspiration from energy, environment and biology. We use a combination of theoretical analysis, desktop computation and table-top experiments to obtain insight into these phenomena.

Our approach to research makes heavy use of approximations under the rigorous justification provided by asymptotics and perturbation methods. This approximation allows us to retain the essential physics underlying the phenomena, while ignoring extraneous effects. These simplified mathematical models are then solved using, sometimes custom designed, computational techniques. The process of developing and implementing the computational methods itself plays a central role in elucidating the physics, because we typically do not seek an all-purpose computational method, but one tuned towards the particular asymptotic regime under consideration.

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funded research

Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy
Human Frontier Science Program