Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging (Research)


I am currently serving as director of molecular imaging in the department of diagnostic imaging at RIH. I have been involved in the field of Image-guided Thermal Ablation (IGTA) for treatment of solid tumors. I have recently discovered and developed materials known as Thermal Accelerants that augment microwave energy from a distance normally unattainable by a single applicator: the source of microwave energy. Performance of this novel material is very effective in ablation sculpting, and expected to reduce the local tumor recurrence.

My research interest has been treating cancer by either non- or minimally invasive methods using microwave, radiofrequency, laser, and ultrasound as an energy source. 

I am a medicinal chemist by training and have over 20 years of academic and pharmaceutical R&D experience that encompasses from a small molecule drug design to drug delivery.

Brown Affiliations