Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics (Research)


Dr. Zhen Li is an Associate Professor (Research) in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University. He received his PhD in Fluid Mechanics in 2012 and his M.S. in Fluid Mechanics in 2008 from Shanghai University after he earned his BEng degree in Engineering Mechanics from Wuhan University in 2005. His main research interest is on multiscale modeling and computation in complex fluids, biophysics and soft matter, using both bottom-up (coarse-grained molecular modeling) and top-down (from continuum descriptions to fluctuating hydrodynamics) approaches, along with high performance computing. Specific research topics include coarse-graining and model reduction based on the Mori-Zwanzig formalism, non-Markovian dynamics in complex fluids and non-local approaches, mathematical foundation of scale-bridging and mesoscopic methods, and machine-Learning (Gaussian/deep-Gaussian processes) applied to multiscale modeling of biochemical systems and complex materials.

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