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Andrew S. Blum Professor of Neurology

Dr. Blum completed an MD/PhD at Cornell Medical College ('89) and The Rockefeller University ('88), then residency in neurology and neuromuscular fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Following an epilepsy/EEG fellowship at Beth Israel Hospital, he remained on staff at BIDMC/Harvard until 2000, when he came to RIH/Brown to direct the EEG Laboratory and Adult Epilepsy Division. He is also Co-Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at RIH. Areas of clinical and research interest include localization of epileptic foci, psychiatric aspects of epilepsy, non-epileptic seizure diagnosis and treatment, and optimal use and development of anticonvulsant therapeutics.

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

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research overview

My areas of research interest involve diverse aspects of clinical epilepsy, particularly psychiatric aspects of epilepsy (including diagnosis and treatment of non-epileptic seizures), hormonal interactions with AEDs, localization of epileptic foci (including radiologic strategies), and development and optimal use of anticonvulsant therapeutics.