About Researchers@Brown

Researchers@Brown brings together, in one site, publicly available information on the people, departments, and activities that collectively make up research and scholarship in all disciplines at Brown University. Researchers@Brown is an implementation of VIVO, an open community, open information model, and open source semantic web application. VIVO was originally developed at Cornell University and was improved and expanded via an National Institutes of Health (NIH) multi-institution grant in 2009 - 2012. VIVO is currently a project of DuraSpace, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to “preserve and provide access to the world's intellectual, cultural and scientific heritage” by supporting open technologies that provide long-term, durable access to digital assets. VIVO is currently in use at over 150 institutions worldwide.

For information about the implementation of Researchers@Brown see: VIVO History and Implementation. For a description of future development plans see Researchers@Brown Roadmap.


Researcher@Brown profiles for new faculty are automatically generated based on information in a daily feed from Workday. These initial shell profiles contain name and email, department(s), title(s), position(s), degrees, and courses taught (from Banner). Faculty (or deputies) add additional data via a Profile Manager. Publications are harvested once a week from Web of Science and PubMed; these publications must be approved by the faculty member before they appear on the public profile. Harvested publications contain links to full text if available.

Information on the inclusion policy for profiles is available on our FAQ page.


The VIVO Steering Group provides continuing oversight for the VIVO project at Brown. This group includes representatives from the Dean of the Faculty, Division of Biology and Medicine, School of Public Health, Office of the Vice President for Research, Computing and Information Services, and the University Library.

Researchers@Brown in the News

In a recent study, Brown ranked #1 out of 90 sites for the highest proportion of profiles appearing in the top 3 Google search results.

For further information about Researchers@Brown see our Help page or our Frequently Asked Questions page.