Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a profile. How do I get one?

Contact the appropriate faculty affairs office:

How do I edit my profile?

Can I assign a deputy to edit my profile?

Yes, you can assign one or more deputies to edit your profile.

What are the sources for profile information?

Your name comes from Workday via the Faculty Information System (FIS). Your title, position, degrees, and department come from FIS. Your recent courses taught come from Banner. All other data comes from your profile in the now obsolete Directory of Researcher and Researchers at Brown (DRR-B). For a detailed list of content see:

How do I change my name, title, position, or degrees?

Which courses are listed?

Researchers@Brown lists the courses for which you were the instructor in the last three years. If you don't see a course that you taught, contact your department administrator to confirm that you are listed as an instructor.

What is the relation of Researchers@Brown to the Directory of Research and Researchers at Brown?

Researchers@Brown contains most of the information that was entered in the DRR-B. Researchers@Brown supersedes the DRR-B.

I'm editing my profile but the changes don't stick.

There is a problem with saving edits in Internet Explorer 8. Firefox, Chrome, and more recent versions of Internet Explorer work fine.

The edits you make in your Researchers@Brown profile are immediately saved and available in the editing interface -- however, there may be a slight delay before they appear in the public profile.

How are the results ranked when I search for a researcher?

We use a variety of factors to determine the order in which researchers are displayed when you search for a particular keyword. In particular we sort the results depending on where the keyword that was searched for was found on each of the researcher profiles. For example, if the keyword searched for matches the name of the researcher we give those researcher profiles a higher ranking than the rest (e.g. if you search for "Smith" people with last name "Smith" will show up first). Likewise, if the keyword searched for matches the title, department or affiliation we give those researcher profiles a higher ranking than for those where the text was found anywhere else (except the name). In other words, we give each field a different "weight" in order to provide the most relevant results first.

The weighting that we use on each of the fields is as follows:

How can I get my publications automatically harvested for approval?

Initially publications were harvested for BioMed faculty for whom a CV was provided. If you have no pending publications but wish to have publications harvested in the future:

I've recently published a book. How do I get it added to the book jackets featured on

Email the book title to