Senior Lecturer in Biology, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology


I’ve always been an observer of the natural world and felt awe for the complexity and beauty of nature. As a child, I would collect crayfish in my parents’ creek, dig deep holes into the earth to explore what was underground, and befriended all the neighborhood cats. Later on in college, I became fascinated by the cellular and intracellular world. In biology, I find richness, truth, and connection.


My training as a researcher, studying under Dr. Walter J. Atwood and Dr. Ralph Isberg, allowed me to investigate the interactions between microbial organisms and mammalian hosts. The interplay between pathogen and host is a delicate evolutionary dance. What cellular protective mechanisms are in place to recognize, signal, and resist a biological threat? How do pathogens subvert these cellular defenses to invade a cell and replicate? These are the questions that fascinate me.


Teaching is a great passion of mine. My training as a Tuft University’s IRACDA postdoctoral fellow and tenure at Assumption University as an Associate Professor have informed my teaching. Much like research, I find teaching to be an experimental, collaborative, and creative endeavor. I feel lucky to be able to work with young minds and share my enthusiasm and excitement for the biological sciences. I teach Microbiology and Principles of Immunology. These courses dissect the diverse world of microorganisms and explore how immune systems develop and function. I work to use real-life examples, scientific data including primary literature, and clinical connections to keep my courses relevant.


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