Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita of Biology


Anne Fausto-Sterling is the Nancy Duke Lewis Professor of Biology and Gender Studies in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University. She is past Chair of the Faculty Committee on Science & Technology Studies.

In addition to having served on the Brown faculty for more than 40 years, Anne Fausto-Sterling has been a visiting professor at a number of institutions in the US and abroad in departments of Biology, Medical Science, Gender Studies and Science Studies. A Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, she has received grants and fellowships in both the sciences and the humanities.

Author of scientific publications in developmental genetics, gender studies and science studies, Professor. Fausto-Sterling has achieved recognition for works that challenge entrenched scientific beliefs while engaging with the general public.

Professor Fausto-Sterling's past laboratory work has included studies of the genetics of development in fruit flies and the developmental ecology of flatworms. Her current work applies dynamic systems theory to the study of human development. Professor Fausto-Sterling currently studies the emergence of gender differences in behavior in early childhood and the emergence of human sexuality.

A more detailed biography may be found in the Sept. 2005 issue of Current Biography or by clicking on the link under "On the Web" on this web site.

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