Charlotte M. Boney Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

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research overview

Obesity prevalence and its complications of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease are increasing. Understanding the mechanisms controlling adipose tissue development are critical if effective strategies are to be developed for prevention and treatment. We are investigating the signaling pathways used by Insulin-like growth factor-I to mediate adipogenesis, which is the proliferation and differentiation of adipocyte precusor cells and leads to adipose tissue expansion and obesity.

research statement

We have been investigating the signaling pathways controlling adipogenesis, the process of proliferation and differentiation of adipocyte precursor cells, or preadipocytes. Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) plays a critical role in adipogenesis. We are investigating novel signal transduction pathways used by IGF-I to mediate proliferation and differentation of adipocytes in vitro. Our previous work identified Src as a critical mediator of IGF-I-activated Shc and MAPK in preadipocyte proliferation. We demonstrated that loss of Src-activated MAPK occurs with growth arrest, thus allowing IGF-I to promote adipocyte differentiation through the IRS/PI3K/AKT pathway. We have identified a novel, multi-protein signaling complex including integrins and the focal adhesion kinase Pyk2 that mediates IGF-I action in proliferation. Ongoing studies will determine the mechanism of IGF-I activation of integrins and assembly of the multi-protein complex in preadipocyte proliferation; in addition, studies will elucidate the complex change in signaling that occurs at growth arrest involving loss of mitogenic signaling and modification of IRS/PI3K/AKT signaling required for adipocyte differentiation.

funded research

Principal Investigator: Lifespan Developmental Grant
"Modulation of Mitogenic Signal Transduction in Preadipocyte Differentiation"
Total direct costs: $19,979, 12/1/1996 to 5/31/1998

Principal Investigator: Charles H. Hood Foundation Child
Health Research Grant
"Modulation of Mitogenic Signal
Transduction during Preadipocyte Differentiation"
Total direct costs: $44,740, 1/1/1998 to 12/31/1998

Principal Investigator: Knoll Pharmaceutical Company
Weight Risk Investigators Study Council Grant
"Modulation of Mitogenic Signal Transduction in Preadipocyte Differentiation"
Total direct costs: $79,589, 1/1/1999 to 12/31/2000

Principal Investigator: NIH/NIDDK RO1DK59339
"The Role of Src Kinases in IGF-I-mediated Adipogenesis"
Total Direct Costs: $670,000, 3/15/2002 to 1/31/2007