Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior


Dr. Carolina Haass-Koffler is a translational Investigator who coalesces preclinical and clinical research towards examining biobehavioral mechanisms of addiction and developing novel medications. Her education includes chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, pharmacology from the University of California, San Francisco, neuroscience from the Gallo Center and human laboratory studies from Brown University. During her academic career, she has developed an interdisciplinary skill-set that is helping her to conceptualize and execute bench-to-bedside research and to facilitate the cross-talk between academia, NIH and the pharmaceutical industry. She developed a novel stress-induced alcohol drinking paradigm from her neuroscience work which is currently tested in a medication human laboratory study. She is also studying the role of neuroendocrine pathways in alcohol and substance use disorder to identify new treatment targets and completing a series of translational experiments on the role of the corticotropin releasing factor binding protein.

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