Assistant Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Classics


Candace Rice is an archaeologist whose research focuses on Mediterranean maritime trade and economic development during the Roman period. She is particularly interested in exploring what the archaeological record reveals about the ways in which connectivity changed the nature of the Roman economy through enhanced supra-regional integration and specialized local economic development. She has excavated at Etruscan, Samnite, Roman, and Medieval sites in Italy, France, and Tunisia, and spent considerable time at Roman and Late Antique sites in Turkey. At present, she co-directs the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project, focused on the excavation of a late Republican to mid Imperial villa in the Sabina.

She holds an M.Phil in Classical Archaeology and a D.Phil in Archaeology from the University of Oxford. Before moving to Brown, she held faculty positions at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Alberta. She also spent a year as a Senior Fellow at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations at Koç University in Istanbul.

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