David C. Anthony Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Dr. Anthony received a BA in music from Swarthmore College and attended the Bowman Gray School of Medicine, receiving his MD in 1997. Shortly after completing his family medicine residency at Brown University, he started the NRSA Academic Fellowship at Boston University. During his time in Boston, he completed a Masters of Science in Epidemiology and became interested in statistical methods for primary care research. He returned to Brown in 2003 as the Assistant Director of Predoctoral Education in Family Medicine. Dr. Anthony teaches in the Family Medicine Clerkship, is the course director for the Family Medicine Elective, and is the faculty advisor to the Family Medicine Interest Group. As a researcher, he and his BU colleagues have received funding from AHRQ for a randomized trial of the effect of the Re-Engineered Discharge on hospital utilization and adverse events. He is currently researching novel methods for diagnosing and prognosticating diabetes.

Brown Affiliations

scholarly work

Anthony D. Diagnosis and screening of coronary artery disease. Prim Care 2005 Dec;32(4):931-46.

Anthony D, Chetty VK, Kartha A, McKenna K, Rizzo DePaoli M, Jack B. Re-engineering the hospital discharge – an example of a multifaceted process evaluation. Advances in Patient Safety: From Reasearch to Implementation. Vol 2, Concepts and Methodology. AHRQ publication No. 05-0021-2. Rockville, MD: Feb, 2005. p. 379-94.

Gramling R, Anthony D, Lowery J, Ballinger L, Ma D, Habbal R, Leighton N, Bowen D. Association between screening family medical history in general medical care and lower burden of cancer worry among women with a close family history of breast cancer. Genet Med 2005 Nov-Dec;7(9):640-5.

Eaton CB, Anthony D. Cardiovascular Disease and the Maturing Woman. Clinics in Family Medicine 2002; 4(1): 71-88.

research overview

Dr. Anthony is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and serves as the Assistant Director of Predoctoral Education. In addition to his teaching and clinical roles in the department, he is actively pursuing a career in clinical research. He has completed a National Research Service Award (NRSA) funded academic fellowship at Boston University and is developing his research home at Brown University. Dr. Anthony's research interests include patient safety, hospital discharge care, and statistical methods for primary care.

research statement

Dr. Anthony's research interests include health care quality, hospital discharge care and statistical methods for primary care. He has played a major role in obtaining funding from the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ) to study the effect of a novel method of discharging patients from the hospital on subsequent hospital utilization and adverse events at Boston Medical Center. Currently, his primary research interest is in how to apply statistical methods to direct patient care in the primary care setting. He is pursuing a research career that focuses on using population data to predict an individual patient's risk of developing diabetes and on how to effectively communicate that information to a patient in clinical practice. He is also co-investigator on an ethnographic study of the transition of a large family medicine teaching practice to the use of an electronic medical record.

funded research

Testing the Re-Engineered Discharge. Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ) Grant U18 HS15905-01. July 2005-July 2007. Co-investigator (Principal Investigator: Brian Jack).