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David C. Portelli Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Director of Quality and Safety for University Emergency Medicine Foundation. Specific interest in the identification and management of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock

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scholarly work

2. Reisdorff E, Hayes O, Reynolds B, Wilkinson K, Overton D, Wagner M, Kowalenko T, Portelli D, Walker G, Carlson D. General competencies are an intrinsic part of Emergency medicine training: a multicenter study. Acad Emerg Med 10: 1049-1053, 2003

1. Kline J, Israel E, Michelson E, O'Neal B, Plewa M, Portelli D: Diagnostic accuracy of a bedside D-dimer assay and alveolar dead space measurement for rapid exclusion of embolism. JAMA 285: 761-768; 2001