Assistant Professor of Religious Studies


Daniel Vaca is an assistant professor of Religious Studies, specializing in American religious history and culture. His research focuses especially on the relationship between religious and economic activity in the United States, with particular emphasis on business ideas and institutions; print and media cultures; and social authority. His current book project, entitled The Spirit of Evangelicalism: Media, Markets, and Commercial Religion, traces the history of the evangelical book industry and its audience since the end of the nineteenth century, examining how evangelical ideas and identities have taken shape through commercial strategy and corporate initiative. Other current research subjects include the notion of non-profit status and the ideal of authorship. Since joining Brown's faculty in 2013, Professor Vaca has taught courses on topics including spirituality; money and media; religious freedom; and Christmas. Currently the director of undergraduate studies for Brown's Department of Religious Studies, he also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion and The Immanent Frame.

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