Professor of Pediatrics, Clinician Educator, Professor of Medicine, Clinician Educator


Elizabeth Toll, MD is Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Clinician Educator at Brown. Since 1998, she has helped to build Brown’s combined Medicine-Pediatrics (“Med-Peds”) residency program, particularly the outpatient residency clinic where she practices and teaches multigenerational primary care and serves as Director of Refugee Health and leads the Integration of Behavioral Health initiative as part of the Care Transformation Collaborative. She is an instructor in the first -year Doctoring course at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She is the Planning Chair for an upcoming international conference: The Patient, the Practitioner, and the Computer:  Promoting Healing Relationships in the Age of Technology.

She completed her MD and residency in combined internal medicine-pediatrics at the University of Rochester and a fellowship in psychotherapy at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute.  Her professional interests, research, and writing include the integration of mental health and primary care, refugee health, at-risk urban youth, medical humanities (particularly reflective writing), the interface of medicine and creativity, and the impact of the electronic health record on the relationship between patients and clinicians.  As the wife of an academic physician and the mother of three children, now 28, 26, and 24 she has a professional and personal interest in the challenges of maintaining work-life balance.

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