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Fatemeh Akhlaghi Adjunct Professor of Medicine

Dr. Akhlaghi is a pharmaceutical scientist with expertise in clinical pharmacology, translational sciences, drug metabolism, pharmacogenomics and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PKPD) modeling.  Her research goal is to understand the sources of variability in drug disposition and effect with a long term goal of devising personalized therapy for existing or new pharmacological agents.  She is proficient in design and implementation of clinical pharmacokinetic studies, quantification of drug concentration and metabolites using LC-MS/MS, analysis of pharmacokinetic studies by several standard and population pharmacokinetic modeling software and in vitro characterization of expression and activity of drug metabolism enzymes.  The areas of research interest include the effect of diabetes mellitus on drug disposition, drug development in alcoholism and therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressive agents in organ transplant recipients.  In addition, she is the director of the graduate program in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics and Principal Investigator on two NIH grants. 

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