Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Emergency Medicine


I have been involved with medical simulation on many levels, as an educator, a researcher and an administrator. I also work as the Medical Director and an attending physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department.  My interest in the world of simulation stems from my engineering background, my interest in medical education and my desire to improve care provided to acutely ill and injured pediatric patients. I have significant experience leveraging simulation technology in a variety of research studies assessing providers’ skills ranging from airway skills, communication skills and resuscitation skills. I have also been involved in multiple projects assessing team and systems issues through the use of simulation. I have been involved in multiple internally funded simulation research projects and have had success collaborating with research networks on several multicenter simulation projects. My interests and experience continue to motivate me to use simulation, where appropriate, to improve educational programs, provider performance and assess medical teams and systems.

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