Assistant Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Egyptology and Assyriology


My interests in the ancient world are diverse, but I specialize on the Eastern Mediterranean during the classical period. I am writing a book exploring how people in Greek and Roman Anatolia used Bronze and Iron Age material culture to substantiate narratives about local and universal history. I have conducted fieldwork at different sites in Anatolia and the Levant, including Sardis, Aphrodisias, and Petra. Much of my work in the field has invovled monumental architecture: temples, altars, gates, and fountains.  Since 2013, I direct the Brown University Labraunda Project and I am the associate director of the Notion Archaeological Survey, both of which explore major sites in anceient western Turkey.

I want to promote dialogue between independent scholarly communities encouraging archaeologists, anthropologists, architects, philologists, and artists to encroach on each other's disciplines and combine their methodologies to study the ancient world.

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