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Dr. Radice received his BS degree in Biology from Carnegie Mellon University and his PhD in Genetics & Development from Columbia University.  After postdoctoral training in cell biology at Kyoto University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine where he established his independent research program.  Before coming to Brown, Dr. Radice was a faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia. 

As a member of the Cardiovascular Research Center, the goal of Dr. Radice’s research is to understand the relationship between cardiac mechanics, function, and growth in the normal and diseased heart.  Current research emphasis is to identify how N-cadherin together with the underlying cytoskeleton transmits force into the cell and activates signaling events that control myocyte proliferation.  Manipulation of this signaling pathway using small molecule inhibitors, for example, may represent a novel therapeutic strategy to stimulate myocytes to undergo cell division and repair the injured heart.  Another major project in the Radice lab investigates how defects in intercellular adhesion and signaling cause heart disease, including arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.  To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of heart disease, genetically modified animal models are being created that better represent the genotype-phenotype relationship of the human disease.

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