Howard P. Chudacoff George L. Littlefield Professor of American History

During the past year, three of HOWARD CHUDACOFF'S works were published in new editons: A People and a Nation, 7th edition (with five other authors); The Evolution of American Urban Society, 6th edition (with Judith Smith); and Major Problems in American Urban History, 2nd edition (with Peter Baldwin). He also presented two papers derived from his current research on the history of children's play in the United States, and continued his service as faculty representative to the NCAA and as a member of the Campus Life Task Force.

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research overview

HOWARD CHUDACOFF's most recent research focuses on the history of childhood in the United States. He has completed a book manuscript on the history of children's play, colonial times to the present, with emphasis on the play culture that children created for themselves rather than what adults prescribed for them.

research statement

An examination of shifting trends in children's play, paying particular attention to children's culture and the alternative/oppositional interactions between how children played and how adults thought and wanted children to play. The project utilizes diaries and autobiographies as its major sources, supplemented by other materials, including social scientific surveys, market surveys, and secondary works.

funded research

The project was funded in part by a grant from the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts.