Professor of Applied Mathematics


Brown University: 2007.7–

Professor: 2017.6–

Associate Professor: 2012.7–2017.6

Assistant Professor: 2007.7–2012.6

Member of the Lefschetz Center for Dynamical Systems.


University of Pennsylvania: 2010.9–2010.12

Visiting scholar (Sabbatical).


Institute for Advanced Study: 2006.9–2007.6, 2008.9–2008.12

Member & Visiting Scholar.


Mathematical Sciences Research Institute: 2007.7–2007.8

Member of ”Summer Microprogram on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations”.


University of Chicago: 2005.9–2006.8

L.E. Dickson Instructor & Research post-doctor


University of Minnesota: 2001.9–2005.8.

Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant

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