Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Research)


I have led population-based and laboratory-based studies of schistosomiasis for about 20 years. My research experience allows me to have long-term collaborative relationships with colleagues from the schistosomiasis japonica endemic areas in China and the Philippines. My research projects include immuno-epidemiologic investigations of human resistance to S. japonicum, and studies on mechanisms and patterns of schistosomiasis-associated morbidity that leads to vaccine identification. I have worked as a co-investigator and traveled to Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute (ShVRI) to conduct several NIH funded water buffalo vaccine trials. I recently supervised the development, optimization and establishment of multiplexed assays of human cytokines for an NIH funded randomized clinical trial of praziquantel during pregnancy. Currently, as the subcontract PI for an OneHealth grant, I am working with the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine, the Philippines and ShVRI, China to test vaccine candidates in Filipino carabaos for safety and efficacy.  Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:

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